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Wesley, Bo, Tyler and Karen,

     I can't thank-you enough for my beautiful new porches!  Your workmanship is beyond belief and I never thought I would be so lucky as to have such awesome builders.  Thank-you so much. 

     I know I will love every minute I spend on the front or the back.  Karen, Thank-you for always being so kind to an impatient old lady. 

     I think my Mamma would be happy with what I've done - she loved her porch.


                                                   Thanks so much,

                                                       Suzie Witte

Thanks again for my BEAUTIUL DECK and Screened porch!

     Still need to get a little cooler or I need to get up earlier to drink my coffee in the AM.....Oh wail, I have a fan!  It's great, I love it, glad I spent the money, you guys were awesome!

                                                       Suzie Witte

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